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    Grenada, the Caribbean Island of Spice [Pronounced Grin-AY-da]

    Words can’t really describe how much I was looking forward to escaping the dreary English winter for the tropical Caribbean island shores of Grenada. I was already fed up of getting caught in the icy rain and shrugging on layers of heavy clothing – and it was only the very start of the coldest season of the year. Disclaimer: We were guests of Pure Grenada, the national tourism board, but all enthusing and rum cocktail enjoyment is very much my own.


    I’d always dreamt of exploring the Caribbean – rowing to a teeny island with sparkling sands and palm trees waving over turquoise seas, but before I’d started blogging all those years ago I’d honestly never heard of Grenada.

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    The best things to do in Corfu

    3 things inspired our ladies long weekend on the Greek island of Corfu; a keening for off-season sunshine, a childhood full of ancient myths, and, well, Instagram – let’s keep things properly millennial and real here. Whilst we were there, we visited some really interesting corners and coves of the island – inspiring this list of the best things to do in Corfu (a much-requested travel blog post!)

    Things to do in Corfu Greece Adventures of a London Kiwi

    When you slip around hairpin corners to jaw-dropping cliffside views, you understand just how ancient myths and fables were inspired by this wild beauty and used to explain the world around the generations of ancient settlers. Or, perhaps I’m just being fanciful.

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    24 hours in Oxford’s Dreaming Spires

    Oxford is one of those cities that seems unaffected by the passing of time. Whenever we slip there for a day trip from London or a cheeky overnighter – or once for lunch – we’re always struck by just how beautiful it is.

    24 hours in Oxford what to do Adventures of a London Kiwi

    The ‘city of dreaming spires’ simply glows. The beautiful stone that makes up the majority of buildings almost emanates the years of learning that has gone on behind them, or am I just being fanciful? Read more


    Kindness and Making a Difference – Travel Linkup

    Over the years, our travels have been pinpointed with acts of kindness that have often made our trip – turning a sad or frustrating situation into one that has restored our faith in the world – so for this month’s travel linkup, all about kindness and making a difference in the world – and these are a few instances that rest in my memories.

    Luxury Wine Chateau Pape Clement Bordeaux

    I’ve worked professionally with a few charities, but not travelled as such to volunteer or make a difference (yet!) so I thought I’d thank a few people who made our trips infinitely lovelier by just being their kind selves. Read more


    What Luxury Travel Means To Me

    I feel like I’ve written this post in a thousand ways over the years. We’ve definitely learned what we love and what we absolutely don’t enjoy whilst travelling – so for the Travel Linkup this month, I thought I would attempt to express what luxury travel means to me.

    ingapore 48 hours Adventures of a London Kiwi

    Often it’s the small moments that I love to savour.

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