Travel Linkup

Have you ever participated in a Travel Linkup? From the 1st to the 7th of each month a fresh batch of fantastic travel tales are spun and added to our linkup pages, and we feature a guest host to keep the mix even more exciting! Not content with just blogging on our own blogs, Angie at SilverSpoon London and Binny’s Food and Travel Diaries and I have volunteered our time and social media addictions to help spread the Travel Linkup love around the world.

We’re lucky enough to be joined each month by bloggers who live all over the globe: Canada, the UAE, Sunsvall Sweden, Oxford, America, Hawaii, New Zealand, the Arctic Circle, Yorkshire… I could go on! At least 10 months of the year are co-hosted by terrific travelistas from all corners of the world, bringing their own cheery smiles to the metaphorical table.


(Ps. Thank you to Frankie The Mayfairy for this amazing graphic – ps. she is a brilliant designer. Go. Check her website out.)

Years ago a blog post went up entreating a group of blog junkies friends to share their travel wishlists for the year ahead in a one-time linkup. And since then I’ve been joined by  Kelly from Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes, Rebecca at RunawayKiwi, and Jessi from TwoFeetOneWorld, Polly at Follow Your Sunshine and I have lured a bevvy of other beautiful bloggers to share their travels, trials and triumphs in a monthly roundup based on a loose theme. We then had the crazy idea to continue the tradition on with a variety of themes, and 4 years later we’ve been treated to 1,500+ wonderful blog posts based loosely on a monthly theme.

2021 Travel Linkup Wanderlusting

January ’21: Travel Wishlist

February ’21: Blog Origins

March ’21: Spring

June ’21: Bucket Lists

July ’21: 


2020 Travel Linkup Wanderlusting

January ’20: Travel Wishlists and Roundups

February ’20: Guilty Pleasures When Travelling

April ’20: Positivity

May ’20: Travelling by Plate

July ’20: The Future of Travel

August ’20: Memorable Travel Meals 

September ’20: Dream Hotels

November ’20: Your Home

December ’20: Christmas Traditions

2019 Travel Linkup tales and topics for your perusal and inspiration…

January ’19: Travel Wishlists and 2019 Plans

February ’19: A Love Letter to your Favourite Destination

March ’19: Moments that Spark Joy

April ’19: Travel Habits

May ’19: Staycations

June ’19: Sustainability and Travel

July ’19: Travel Super Powers

August ’19: Favourite Travel Memories

October ’19: Travel Expectations

December ’19: Festive Traditions

2018 Travel Linkup tales and topics for your perusal and inspiration…

January ’18: Wishlists and plans

February ’18: Once in a Lifetime Experiences

March ’18: Wellbeing & Health

April ’18: Places we can’t get out of our Heads

May ’18: Travel Challenges

June ’18: Luxury Travel

July ’18: Kindness and Making a Difference Whilst Travelling

August ’18: Romance & Love

September ’18:  The things you take away from Travel

November ’18: The impact that travel and/or blogging has had on you

December ’18:  Christmas Traditions

2017 Travel linkup chronicles have been…

January ’17: Travel Inspiration, Plans and Aspirations

February ’17: Travel Outtakes

March ’17: Hidden Gems

April ’17: Inspiration

May ’17: Travel Menu

June ’17: Home

July ’17: Travel Stories

August ’17: Travel Fears

September ’17: 10 things…

October ’17: Travel Companions

November ’17: Journeys

December: Festivities

2016 Travel linkup topics included…

January ’16: Travel Inspiration, Plans and Aspirations

February ’16: LOVE  

March ’16: Greatest Adventures

April ’16: Scent

May ’16: #travelbloggerproblems

June ’16: Unexpected Places

July ’16: Home

August ’16: Travel Tips

September ’16: Best meal ever

October ’16: Most interesting hotel/accomodation discovery

November ’16: A perfect…<fill in the blank>….

December ’16: Celebrating the festive season

2015 Travel linkup tales woven were…

January ’15: Travel Inspiration, Plans and Aspirations

February ’15: Unexpected benefits to blogging

March ’15: Lost in Translation

April ’15: Guilty Pleasures

May ’15: Things you’d never do again…

June ’15: Souvenirs

July ’15: Travel Personalities

August ’15: Travel Contrasts

September ’15: Places we can’t get out of our heads

October ’15: Blog addicts anonymous

November ’15: Our favourite things

December ’15: Celebrating the festive season

2014 Travel linkup topics were anecdotes of…

January ’14:  2014 Travel Inspiration, Plans and Aspirations

February ’14: The most memorable night’s sleep you’ve ever had

March ’14: Travel ‘pinch me’ moments

April ’14: Best Ever Travel Meal

May ’14: Most Surprising Destination

June ’14: The most fantastic, weird or memorable ‘fish out of water’ experiences

July ’14: Favourite Travel Photos

August ’14:  Staycationing

September ’14: A Room with a View

October ’14: The most interesting character you’ve met while travelling

November ’14: Falling in Love on the Road

December ’14: Celebrating the festive season

If you fancy getting involved, we announce the new topic one the 15th of the month so bookmark this page, keep an eye out on our social media or pop one of us an email and we can add you to the email update list!