• Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers | Written By A Coffee Addict

    Do you need this guide filled with Christmas gifts for coffee lovers? If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you definitely do. Does your loved one own a coffee mug that says ‘don’t talk to me until my coffee gets to *this* level’? Do they sneer at a particular cafe chain with a green mermaid logo? Is their kitchen bench covered in a litany of scales, filters, glass canisters and grinders?… View Post

    The Best Christmas Light Displays in London | 2021

    I wanted to gather together the best Christmas light displays in London this year as a helpful blog post/walking guide. Gather a few friends, wrap up warmly and make your way to central London for some of the most beautiful Christmas lights in the world.  Just be warned that especially on weekend evenings it gets BUSY so bring a mask.  Oh, don’t forget a mulled wine/cider/apple juice or two enroute to keep those cheeks rosy… (if… View Post

    Festive Spirits for Christmas | Cocktails at Home

    We’ve been extensively testing a delicious array of festive spirits for Christmas – yes I know it’s early yet, but these things like cocktails need to be checked out thoroughly! [Disclosure: these were gifted, but I’ll definitely be getting all of these again on my own dime!]    Please drink responsibly and enjoy these in moderation.

    The (Very Careful) Art of Foraging in the UK

    There are some experiences that literally change the way you view the world. For the longest time I’ve wanted to do a foraging course through English woodlands with an experienced guide leading the way. to forage /ˈfɒrɪdʒ fawr-i-jing/ noun – the acquisition of food by hunting, fishing, or the gathering of plant matter.

    Luxury Hotels in Manchester | Kimpton Clocktower Review

    There are a few luxury hotels in Manchester city centre, but the two that captured our imagination were the Kimpton Clocktower and of course the beautiful King Street Townhouse during our city-break. (We also explored Liverpool for a few days, what a city!) Housed in a magnificent terracotta Grade II–listed building, the Kimpton Clocktower has a history that dates back to 1890, when the building first opened as The Refuge Assurance Company headquarters (a life insurance… View Post